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2014 COVKARTSPORT National Series Points Tables - Final

Race numbers: 1-3 Sandown, 4-6 Red Lodge, 7-9 3 Sisters, 10-12 Whilton, 13-15 Ancaster, 16-18 Ellough, 19-21 Lakeside, 22-24 Milton Keynes

Tables are sorted based on best 18 results points after dropped scores. The points total for the best 18 results and dropped scores will be shown after each of the final two rounds. The dropped scores are shown in red italics. Championship trophy winners are highlighted in red.

Trophies are awarded to 1 in 5 and at least top 3 in each class (Junior, Junior Plus, Lightweight, Lightweight Plus, Heavyweight, Heavyweight Plus). Veteran class and Novice awards for each class are also made depending on numbers. Veteran and Novice award winners are also shown in red. Other awards will also be presented to top lady, top rookie, most improved etc. Please watch the news page for further details.