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CovKartSport 2020 - Membership Information and Application Form

Anyone is welcome to enter a CovKartSport Championship Round (so long as they meet minimum age, height and weight criteria for the class they are entering), and at each round there are Trophies for the top 3 drivers in each Class / Category, regardless of whether they are Members or not. However, in order to be eligible to win any of the CovKartSport 2020 Championship Trophies and/or Prizes, you need to submit a Membership Application Form and pay the appropriate Membership Fee.

Please read the following information carefully before filling in and submitting your Application Form :

Championships / Membership Types

As 2020 is our 25th Season of racing, running within our main 2020 Championship, there will be 3 "mini-championships" - click on the images below for a short overview of each one : 

Full Season Membership : £35

Drivers taking a Full Season Membership will be automatically entered into the main 2020 Championship, the Daytona 2020 Cup and the Season 25 Points Trophy and will be eligible*** to win prizes / trophies in all three of those. Full Season Membership also entitles drivers to discounted race entry fees for all 10 Championship Rounds.

(*** See section below regarding Novice Driver's)

Daytona Cup Membership : £20

Drivers taking a Daytona Cup Membership will be automatically entered into the Daytona 2020 Cup, and will be entitled to discounted race entry fees at Rounds 1, 3 & 4 of the season. Drivers can still race at other rounds of the championship but will be required to pay the "Guest" race entry fee for those, and will not score points in any of the other Championships.

Upgrade from Daytona Cup to Full Season : £20 (available between 10th February 2020 and 30th April 2020)

Drivers who initially take a Daytona Cup Membership and want to upgrade to a Full Season Membership can Upgrade - Points from any Daytona Cup rounds will be added to the main 2020 Championship and the Season 25 Points Trophy and will also be eligible for discounted race entry fees at all championship rounds following the date of upgrading.

Team Championship Entry : £20

Entry into the Team Championship is only available for drivers who have taken a Full Season Membership, and the fee is payable in addition to the Full Season Membership Fee. There is a separate entry form for the Team Championship which can be accessed on the Team Championship overview page.

(Note : Team Championship Entries will be closed after R2 on 1st March 2020.)

Payment of Fees :

There are 3 ways to pay :

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayM - click here for details.
  • Cash / Card at a Championship Round

As the first round of the 2020 Championship is in February 2020, it will not be possible to receive the discount (available until 05/01/2020) if you choose to pay by Cash / Card.

Bank Transfer Details

Acct Name : MR M J MOONEY

Sort Code : 40-13-10

Acct No. : 11267833

Payment Reference : "Initial - Surname - Mem" - e.g. "J Smith - Mem"

Once Fees are received, "Paid" will be marked against your name on the Membership List - you will not receive e-mail confirmation.

Main Championship Classes

There are 3 main Championship Classes - Juniors, Lightweights and Heavyweights.

  • Juniors - min. racing weight 47.50 kg / no max. racing weight. Minimum Age 12 / Minimum Height 5 ft
  • Lightweights - min. racing weight 65.00 kg / max. racing weight 82.49 kg. Minimum Age 16 / Minimum Height 5 ft
  • Heavyweights - min. racing weight 82.50 kg / no max. racing weight. Minimum Age 16 / Minimum Height 5 ft

Racing Weight is defined as the driver's weight when wearing the clothes they will race in, plus race suit, helmet, gloves & any additional weight required to meet a minimum racing weight such as seat inserts (weighted or otherwise), ankle weights, weight vests etc.

If you don't have your own race wear or helmet, the circuits will provide these - generally a race suit and helmet will add c. 4 kg to your clothed weight. Drivers using their own seat inserts for 'comfort' reasons should include those in their racing weight. Drivers using circuit provided seat inserts for 'comfort' reasons should add 2 kg to their racing weight.

"Standard" and "Plus" - Weight Sub-Classes

Within each main Championship class there are 2 sub-classes - "Standard" and "Plus" - 

  • (J) - Junior Standard : 47.50 kg - 57.49 kg
  • (JP) - Junior Plus : 57.50 kg and above

  • (L) - Lightweight Standard : 65.00 kg - 72.49 kg
  • (LP) - Lightweight Plus : 72.50 kg - 82.49 kg

  • (H) - Heavyweight Standard : 82.50 kg - 87.49 kg
  • (HP) - Heavyweight Plus : 87.50 kg and above

Novice Drivers

If you have taken part in 6 or less "competitive" outdoor karting events, you can choose to enter our Main Championship as a Novice Driver. A "competitive" event are defined as "any race or championship round which is part of any other outdoor championship", whether that is in rental karts or in your own kart, and whether it is a "multi-circuit' championship or a local "In-Kart" Championship at one circuit.

Entry as a Novice Driver is only available with a Full Season Membership and means that, whilst you could still win trophies at each championship round, you are only eligible to win the Novice Award(s) at the end of the Championship Season. The number of Novice Awards depends on the number of Novice Driver entries, and is detailed on The 2020 Championship overview page.

Planned Attendance

Please can you submit a "Planned Attendance" form in addition to the Membership Form. By doing this, it will give us an indication of expected driver numbers at each championship round - this really helps with the scheduling of each raceday, and means that we are able to give the circuits and all of our drivers an estimated finish time for each round.

Indicating Planned Attendance won't be taken as a firm commitment to race, nor is it considered as an official race entry - you will still need to submit a Race Entry form ahead of each round...!

Once you have submitted your forms, remember to check the Membership Lists (usually updated within 48hrs) for confirmation that your Membership and Planned Attendance forms have been received. You will also find confirmation of payment receipts there as well. If you have submitted the forms and/or payments and this is not reflected in the Membership Lists within 48hrs, or if you have any questions about Memberships in general, then please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Membership Form

Membership Type*
Championship Class*
Payment Method*
Code of Conduct (COC)*
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Thankyou for submitting your Membership Form - remember to check the Membership List for confirmation that it has been received - this will usually be updated within 48hrs.

Planned Attendance Form

Championship Class*
Planning to Race at :
Or at the selected Rounds below :
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Thank you for sending your planned attendance for the 2020 Championship - this really helps us to plan schedules with the Circuits.

(Note : Drivers in the Junior Championship aged 14 + can enter R8B at PFI - entry will be as a "Guest" Driver, but Full Season Members will pay the Members Race Entry Fee)