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Drivers highlighted in blue are Guest Entries

Junior Championships - Round 1 : Daytona Milton Keynes 09/02/2020

Junior Standard Podium

1st : Sam Cole

2nd : Jan Lopich

3rd : James Rigby

Junior Plus Podium

1st : Alex Whipday

2nd : Antony Wypych

3rd : Matthew Beardmore

Junior Championships - Round 2 : Sutton Circuit 01/03/2020

Junior Standard Podium

1st : Jan Lopich

2nd : James Rigby

3rd : Caelen Boulton-Burnell (not in picture)

Junior Plus Podium

1st : Dylan Barden-Marshall

2nd : Alex Whipday

3rd : Mackenzie Stevens

Junior Championships - Round 3 : Daytona Sandown Park 22/03/2020

Junior Standard Podium

1st : Sam Cole

2nd : Jacob McDonald

3rd : Mikolaj Borek

Junior Plus Podium

1st : Antony Wypych

2nd : Dylan Barden-Marshall

3rd : Robbie Rigby